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Dog won’t stop barking at owner’s car — what they find under the hood leaves them stunned

Dogs with great instincts can often detect things that humans can’t see. In one viral TikTok video, a dog keeps barking at his owner’s car, leading to them saving a little life.

A woman named Savannah says in a TikTok video that her puppy “wouldn’t stop whining” at her car at 6 in the morning.

The owners was concerned, so they checked under the hood of the car but didn’t see anything unusual. The dog continued to whine, so they decided to spray it down with a hose.

But then, they noticed something run out from the car — a little baby kitten!

The little stray had been hiding in the hood of the car, and would’ve probably gone unnoticed if the dog hadn’t alerted its owners.

Thankfully, the kitten was in good hands, because Savannah has much experience caring for animals, who seem to always come into her life in unexpected ways.

“This is the 3rd baby animal I’ve found in 35 days,” she wrote on TikTok. “It feels like a joke at this point.”

She took the kitten in, and while she says the cat was initially “spicy” and hissing at her, he soon warmed up to her. But she didn’t keep the kitten for good — instead, her friend Cody offered to take in the cat.

As if it was fate, Savannah says she just said goodbye to her own pet cat a month ago, so she sent the kitten to her new home with all her leftover cat food and supplies. “I’m happy I have someone to share those things with,” she wrote.

“I wish you happiness in your new home and I’m really glad you picked my car to hide in.”

Thank you for saving this little kitten and getting him a new home! What a miracle he was found under the hood of that car!

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