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Little puppy falls 3 stories and gets trapped in air vent — firefighters spend hours saving his life

After slipping through an air vent and falling four stories, a puppy was caught in a tricky situation — but a team of rescuers came together to save the day.

South Metro Fire Rescue in Colorado reported that a 12-week-old, 5-pound Pekinese puppy named Archie Bean jumped from a bed and accidentally slipped through an open floor vent on the third floor of his family’s townhome.

Falling four stories to the basement, Archie was trapped in the air vent, with no easy way to get him out. Firefighters were called to the scene to save the pup from this “harrowing ordeal.”

As per a tweet from the fire rescue, firefighters from SMFR Tower 45, along with assistance from Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and Plumbline Services, sprang into action to save the dog’s life.

It was a difficult operation, as the crew had to “navigate through the intricate ductwork of the townhome” to locate Archie. They could hear the dog’s whimpering echoing through the home.

The owner could be seen in the video trying to lure Archie towards her, saying “come get your treats, baby,” but is met only with the sound of more distant whimpering.

Ultimately the rescuers decided to cut holes in the home’s walls and deploy a small camera within the ductwork system. Using this method they were finally able to find Archie, “bringing a collective sigh of relief to all involved in the rescue mission.”

Once Archie was located, firefighters went through the ceiling and opened up the system, and finally pulled the scared dog out to safety.

Archie Bean was reunited with his owner, who called it a “prayer answered” and thanked everyone who responded to the call. The rescue operation reportedly took over three hours.

“You did not stop until I got my baby back,” she said. “You guys made a miracle today, thank you so much.”

Despite the fall and the whole ordeal, Archie was unharmed and didn’t have a scratch on him, though the owner says he was “tired.”