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My husband doesn’t allow me to clean the fridge in his absence – I did it anyway, revealing his creepy secret

Choosing the proper spouse may be one of the most significant decisions a person makes because they will be with you through the highs and lows, share joy and tears, and build a future together.

Stephanie, 32, recounted a story that shocked many people.

She began by saying that she and her husband of five years, Mike, were simply average people. Nothing about their relationship or marriage was out of the ordinary. However, there was one thing that disturbed Stephanie, and she wasn’t sure if it was something she should be concerned about, but her gut sense told her something was off.

Namely, Mike told her numerous times that she should never clean the fridge in his absence. This request sounded rather strange. Whenever she would ask him why he demanded that, he would mumble something about him not wanting her to throw good food.

She added that she never had a habit of throwing any food with a perfectly good expiry date away, which made Mike’s demand even more unusual.

It was very obvious that Mike was extremely protective of some stuff he kept in the fridge.

Stephanie recalled that Mike once brought a metal box home which he placed at the bottom of the fridge. What’s more, she would caught him checking on it every now and then. When she asked him what’s inside, he said there were some olives his friend James got from his granddad as a present and wanted Mike to keep for some time. Apparently, those were olives of a rare kind.

She had no issues with him keeping the box in the fridge but it was really annoying that he would ask her not to touch it and be careful with it all the time. He said he demanded that because it was rude to touch other people’s stuff.

However, those “rare olives” weren’t claimed by James for a couple of years, but she never asked Mike about them again.

One day, she decided to break the rules and clean the fridge while Mike was at work.

She started the procedure as usual, never assuming that a simple act of cleaning the fridge would lead to the end of her seemingly happy marriage.

In the letter she penned to a magazine, Stephanie explained that cleaning the appliance took her around two hours, including unplugging it, emptying all shelves and putting away all items. She then cleaned the inside and let it settle before she plugged it again. In the meantime, she was sorting the items, including groceries, fruits, vegetables, and some food containers with pre-cooked dishes, checking the expiration dates on the packages and throwing away those that were off.

At one moment, she also took her husband’s box in her hands and noticed that the olives were expired, so she didn’t think it would be a big deal if she threw them too.

But then, she discovered something unexpected about her husband.

As she was going towards the garbage bin, the box cracked open on the top and the lid had almost fallen off. The contents started spilling on the floor and that’s when Stephanie learned there weren’t any olives inside that can.

The liquid that was dropping was accompanied by a chemical smell. She took a look at what was stored in the liquid and noticed two umbilical cords. She knew exactly what they were because her sister had preserved her children’s and had shown them to her one time.

When her husband came home from work, she was quick to confront him, telling him that his “olives” expired and that she decided to threw them away. Her words made Mike’s face go pale. She then told him that she didn’t believe it was a big deal, because he couldn’t eat them anyway. The shock Mike experienced seemed to be growing bigger and bigger.

He started explaining that she shouldn’t have done that, because they were really rare and expensive, but Stephanie interrupted him, and asked him straightforward about the umbilical cord. At that moment, there was nothing Mike could do rather than telling her the truth.

It turned out Mike had another woman in his life, Rosa, and the two had twins together. In fact, he and Rosa dated way before he met Stephanie, but his parents didn’t approve of his relationship with her, forcing him to marry Stephanie instead.

Mike, who was still in love with Rosa, continued seeing her.

Stephanie was shaken to learn this about the man she dreamed of spending her eternity with. She never assumed that a “box of olives” would reveal his long kept secret that marked the begging of the end of her marriage to him.

She decided to file for a divorce, but she still has a hard time moving on and forgetting about the betrayal from the man she loved dearly.