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The Couple Wanted To Adopt a Cat And They Chose The Saddest And Most Unhappy Of All The Cats: The Happy Animal Changed Beyond Recognition In a Matter Of Hours!

BenBen, the saddest cat on the internet, was living a miserable existence in a shelter where he was about to be put to sleep.

BenBen has a broken spine, several deep lacerations, and a deformed ear.

Apparently, BenBen was attacked by a large animal.

According to the shelter staff, the cat seemed to have a premonition of his imminent dea_th and was not eating, drinking, or even moving.

When an employee of a veterinary clinic heard about BenBen, she made a decision to take him in.

She and her husband brought him into their home, then the cat was incredibly transformed in just an hour!

“He was constantly purring, smiling, and climbing up for cuddles like he was saying thank you. I want to believe that he knew he was safe and that he had found his home.”

Though the doctors said BenBen wouldn’t be able to walk again, the cat not only walked, but started running and jumping!

He’s still on painkillers, but this once-sadest cat has definitely become a happy cat!

Thank you, people!